Alternative Therapy Session Details

We ask you to complete the online questionnaire and return it to us prior to your initial consultation.
We will discuss this during the initial consultation as well as reviewing your health and medical history, wellbeing, diet and any existing conditions/ dis-ease and/or concerns. This is followed by a discussion about the most effective alternative therapy that will provide the best results for you. You will then receive an initial session of the agreed therapy.

Whilst many clients will only need one session some may benefit from/ be recommended to have further sessions in order to achieve the most benefits to the client.

We require all clients to complete the form and participate in an initial session even when a specific therapy is requested/ purchased. This enables the therapists to ensure they are meeting the needs of each client and providing the best possible service.

We recognise that not everyone will want/ be able to complete and return the questionnaire prior to their session. This is okay as we will complete it during our discussion in the initial consultation.

The confidentiality and dignity of clients is respected at all times.

Please note that alternative therapy should not be used as a substitute for medical advice and treatment for serious illnesses.

Please ensure you drink plenty of water after your session.