Aura Readings

The Aura has been described as a map to our thoughts and feelings and seeing the colour, quality and shape of your Aura allows you to determine your state of health, emotions and general well-being.  The energies in our aura are able to determine whether our body is in the optimum state or whether your energies are stressed.  When our energies are stressed or blocked they leave us open to dis-ease and illness.


By seeing and ‘healing’ the Aura we are able to offer assistance to the body before the state of unbalance becomes a problem to the individual and results in illness,

The photographs produced by our camera provide you with a greater understanding of your Aura. Your Aura is constantly changing depending on your emotional state and health but our real time photograph provides you with an in-depth view of this state.

Through the information in the photograph and accompanying analysis we can understand your:

  • energies,
  • personality,
  • aptitude; and
  • overall health.

We also capture the shape and size of your chakras and provide you with an analysis of these.  We are able to provide you with a short report and overview or a full and detailed report.

With our Animal Aura Reader, we are also able to provide aura readings for your pets (cats, dogs and horses) and identify their overall health.