Please note that all information will be treated as confidential and not shared with anyone outside of the company.

Herbal Medicine, Crystal Therapy sessions, Nutritional Therapy

  • Initial consultation (inc. full aura reading held on file) & first session – £55 (90 Mins)
  • Subsequent sessions – £40 (45 minutes)
    • Please note that subsequent crystal therapy sessions include an assessment of the aura through the camera (snapshot report), a comparison to the original full report (to assess improvements) and a full crystal healing session.


  • Initial consultation (inc. aura reading held on file) & first session – £45 (60 Mins)
  • Subsequent sessions – £35 (45 minutes)

Aura Readings

  • £30 for a full report and short verbal interpretation
  • £45 – full report, detailed discussion about the aura results and recommendations

Spiritual Medium Session

  • £30 for 45 minutes (£25 for anyone who has previously purchased an aura reading).


  • Naturally tea range – priced as per indicated
  • Personalised herbal tea blends – £3.00
    (per 50g bag)
  • Standard tincture prescription – £7.00
    (per 100ml – 1 week supply)
  • Creams – £3.00 (per 30g pot)
  • Ointment/balms – £8.00 (per 60g bag)
  • Crystal sets – priced as per indicated
  • Food packages – priced as per indicated


Please note that, due to our knowledge and experience, we might make recommendations in accordance with more than one therapy.  This will not incur any additional cost to the session.  Any products that we recommend are priced accordingly.


Whilst some herbal remedies will be provided to a client at the session it may be necessary for the therapist to arrange delivery/collection of the remedy.

We may decide that a follow up consultation is not necessary and that the same prescription, as previously agreed, can be recommended again. If this is the case, we charge a £5 fee in addition to the fee for the herbal remedy/remedies.

Collection of a remedy is free of charge and can be posted at a cost of £2.95 (postage and packaging).