Herbal Medicine

The use of herbal medicine has been around for centuries with evidence of the herbal use of plants seen in Egypt dating back to 3000BC. Herbs have influenced modern medicine using compounds that have been isolated from herbs.

The active constituents in plants are balanced and offer different benefits but when a single constituent is isolated and extracted modern medicine can remove this balancing effect.

Unlike modern medicine herbal remedies are developed to meet the needs of the client and create balance in the body whereas modern medicines often just ease the symptoms of the patient and can even cause other symptoms through side effects of the drugs.

Indeed the consultation process for herbal remedies is very different to that of orthodox modern medicine. Unlike the approximate 10 minutes that patients receive from General Practitioners clients seeking herbal treatments receive a consultation that is much longer. During this time the herbalist will review not only the current illness but also the medical history of the client, any health problems that may be contributing to the current imbalance, allergies, lifestyle, stress and worries. Herbal remedies are likely to be altered slightly after each consultation to reflect changes in the condition of the client.


Sea salt


Herbal remedies seek to create a balance in the body to ensure that the body rejects the illness and returns to a state of well being. Herbal remedies are produced naturally and are used to treat the whole person and produce little or no side effects.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs herbal remedies do not work immediately but instead they produce a longer lasting positive outcome which should lead to a healthier lifestyle in the long run.
The herbal approach offers a gentler alternative to the chemically produced drugs in modern medicine.

Whilst modern medicine has its place herbal remedies offer the body the chance to heal itself in a holistic way.

Please note, however that if you are currently being prescribed modern medical for an existing condition you should not simply stop taking it in favour of a herbal remedy.

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