Main Courses

Our food menus are updated every four to six weeks in order to ensure that you have a varied selection

Please note that you must contact us if you have any allergies. Some of our meals contain nuts.

Menu A


Goats cheese and apple tart served with a simple salad

This tart is served in a gluten free pastry and is the filling is so light that is almost lifts off your plate. It can be eaten hot or cold (you can warm it a little if you wish) and offers a fantastic light cheese flavour with a tasty cinnamon apple puree in the middle. Cheese and apple have always been great friends and never more so than in this tart. The salad compliments the flavour of the tart and although simple it is packed with vitamins and mouth-watering goodies.


Stuffed Bell Pepper served with a light salad and roasted vegetables

Our stuffed bell pepper is packed with taste and goodness. Although this meal is meat free it is packed with protein and B vitamins thanks to our little friend quinoa. Its accompanying salad offers a light flavour against the richness of the pepper and is equally nutritious. The salad and vegetables shouldn’t go well together but quite simply they do!


Winter warmer

I am always cautious about using the phrase ‘comfort food’ because what is comforting to one isn’t comforting to another. We believe that this fantastic meal, however, offers warmth to all and therefore qualifies as comfort food. It is a delightful meal on a chilly autumn or winter evening. This roasted vegetable dish is very lightly spiced to add to, and enhance, the existing flavours.


Lentil Bake

This is one of our favourite dishes; family and friends love it! Another fantastic meal on a cold autumnal or winter evening. This bake is both tasty and filling with cauliflower and broccoli florets cooked with lentils topped off with a creamy white cheese sauce.


Gluten free pasta with a tangy tomato sauce

This dish is tangy and tantalising! The gluten free pasta is smothered in a tomato sauce that has had its flavour enhanced by spices, mushrooms and red pepper. This dish isn’t spicy hot but rather delicious and nourishing.


Goats cheese salad

This tasty salad is crunchy and nutritious. Its leafy green and red vegetables are in contrast to the whiteness of the goat’s cheese. So delicious you will want more…..


Vegetable tagine

Our vegetable tagine is a take on the famous Moroccan dish. It’s mildly spicy and packed with healthy spices and vegetables. It’s both warming and filling and served with millet cous cous which offers a delicious accompaniment.

Menu B 


Goji Berry Salad

Goji berries are a fabulous superfood that are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They might be small but that are indeed super! This salad is both leafy and fruity and should leave you feelings recharged and nourished.


Goats cheese and red onion tart

This tart is light and tasty with a hidden layer of delicious caramelised onion. Its served with a simple salad to compliment the taste.


Croquette, sweet potato wedges and salad

Our fabulous goats cheese and red pepper croquettes are simply scrumptious!! They are lightly fried in sunflower oil so they retain their goodness. We serve them on a bed of salad with oven baked sweet potato wedges on the side.


Chilli sin carne

If chilli con carne has meat then our version is sin carne i.e. without meat. Our vegetable take on this classic dish is full of flavour. Its mildly spicy and a fantastic winter dish to warm the cockles! We serve this dish with quinoa which adds to its nutritious value!


Gluten free pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce

This dish can be eaten warm or cold. The pasta is coated in a delicious creamy garlic and mushroom sauce topped with a sprinkle of goats cheese.


Stuffed sweet pepper

This sweet pepper is stuffed with calcium and protein. Its goat’s cheese and chive filling is combined with quinoa to offer a truly fabulous nutritious and tasty dish. Served with roasted vegetables on a bed of leafy salad.


Vegetable lasagne

Our classic vegetable lasagne dish is packed with fresh vegetables and gluten free lasagne sheets. We only use the freshest of ingredients, including our home-made tomato sauce and white cheese sauce. Its filling is delicious and packed with goodness.

S.N.H.S. Dip. (Holistic Nutrition)