My Story

This is why a healthy diet and lifestyle is important and effective for me and my family.

My relationship with food changed when my mum was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis over ten years ago. She woke up one day in agony and struggled to get out of bed. This pain continued for some time and doctors prescribed a series of medication, warning my mum that they would need to increase the dose over time. They advised her that whilst the medication would help it was not without its side effects and would not remove the pain completely. Seeing my mum in so much pain was heart breaking. She was my best friend and had done so much for me during my life. I decided that there must be a drug free way to rid herself of this crippling and painful disease. I began researching Arthritis and found that the pain was caused by a build-up of acid in the joints of the body. I then found that this acid was caused by food! This meant that the pain in the joints could therefore be controlled through diet! Surely enough my mum changed her diet and managed her pain with no drugs. She now lives a practically pain free live, she has the odd day when she has aches and pains but then she does have Arthritis. She has never taken any medication and does not take pain killers and she is now as able bodied as someone without Arthritis.

Whilst the situation with my mum was the very beginning of the journey my interest in diet and healing oneself using the power of food was about to be reignited. In my early 30’s I suffered a miscarriage that hospitalised me and almost killed me. I had an anaphylactic shock to the drugs that I was given; I am also allergic to many antibiotics. Once I had physically recovered from this I decided to study Herbal Medicine and qualify as a herbalist. My miscarriage was due to a lack of key nutrients in my diet. Whilst I had always believed I had eaten healthily. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink much alcohol. I eat salads and fruit and vegetables and rarely had take- away’s.

I was wanted to know more about nutrition and the possibility of using diet as a prevention to illness as well as the cure that it is to my mum. I therefore decided to study nutrition which resulted in my qualification as a nutritionist. My husband and I have since had two healthy boys. When I gave birth to our youngest baby I lost my baby weight (two stone) with three months. I did this through eating healthily and not through calorie counting or denying myself any treats such as cake and biscuits. The treats I do eat, however are sugar free. I make sure that I have the vitamins and minerals that my body needs and that I don’t saturate my metabolism with nutrient poor food that it simply doesn’t need. I look better in my late thirties that I did in my late twenties and I have more energy too!

When I carried our second son I had to be closely monitored as I had a number of large (and growing) fibroids. My consultant advised me that I would need to have these removed at a later date if I wanted to have another baby. There is mediation that can be taken to help shrink fibroids but this is not always effective and sometimes surgery can be required. Since giving birth and changing my diet, however, these have now gone naturally. I have also noticed that my skin is clearer and my hairdresser of almost 20 years has noticed that the texture of my hair has changed; observing that the condition is the best it has ever been! I have yet to find a reason not to stick to my healthy eating lifestyle!