Whether you’re time poor, bored with the same old meals and looking for something different, struggling to shift those extra pounds , or simply looking for delicious meals delivered to your door why not try our one of our menus and food options to suit you. Our meals can help you to lose weight, feel great and have more energy!

We offer fantastic fresh and healthy meals at affordable prices (prices can be found at the bottom of this page). Our menus are refined sugar, meat, caffeine, gluten and cow dairy free (we only use dairy from sheep and/or goats) and are packed with taste and nutrients! Our menus show that you can have a tasty diet that is full of treats but that is low in calories and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Each meal comes with a note detailing the main key vitamins and minerals it contains to help you keep track of your daily intake. Our food is designed to contribute to your daily vitamin and mineral intake rather than offer the comprehensive required recommended amount. We are not able to provide this as each person’s intake will vary in accordance with their circumstances. When eaten as part of a calorie controlled diet our range will assist in shedding pounds and moving towards a healthy lifestyle. Please see my story to see how improving the nutrition of myself and my family has benefited us. I hope you will be inspired to make changes to the way you think about food.

Please note that you must contact us if you have any allergies. Some of our meals contain nuts. Please contact us if you are Vegan as we are happy to amend/vary the menu to accommodate this.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces waste as you are not having to purchase the ingredients individually
  • Time saving as you do not have to make the meals
  • The food is fresh and is delivered to you every other day. We do not deliver a weeks order in one delivery.
  • Many of our recipes contain at least one super-food
  • Our food is healthy and tasty – its meat free, sugar free and gluten free (we use dairy from sheep and goat only)
  • Our food is delivered to your door
  • Our food is always fresh and never frozen


Delicious granola with berries