Terms & Conditions of our food options 

1. Our food is not designed to provide a tailor made diet plan. We run set nutritious menus that are packed with vitamins  and minerals that form part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

2. Please contact us directly if you have specific questions about your nutritional needs.

3. Weight loss can be achieved if you eat our set menus as part of a calorie controlled diet but the key focus of our meals is on the quality of the food and the nutritional value rather than on low calorie content. We do not count calories at Faulkwood therapies as weight loss is about living a healthy lifestyle and not about calorie counting.

4. We do not aim to meet the recommended daily amount of the vitamins and minerals that everyone needs; this remains your responsibility. We aim to ensure that each meal is packed with vitamins and minerals and that the food is fresh.

5. This is not a diet plan but rather a set menu of healthy food delivered to your door. Delicious and tasty food for your convenience.

6. Where possible we focus on seasonal foods and try to use local produce but this cannot be guaranteed. We do use tropical fruits and recognise that air miles are unavoidable.

7. Fresh means within the recommended use by date but this could also mean just out of the ground (where possible). We use organic where possible and available.

8. Our meals do not cover breakfast or snacks throughout the day. It is your responsibility to ensure that you eat a balanced diet with the required amount of calories to meet your personal circumstances.

9. Please note that your personal circumstances will affect your requirements in terms of vitamins, minerals, and calories. This remains your responsibility and we accept no responsibility for comprehensively meeting these needs.

10. Whilst you are highly likely to lose weight when consuming our meals as part of a calories controlled diet we accept no responsibility if weight loss is not achieved.

11. Whilst our food options should give you energy and make you feel well, as long as they are consumed as part of a healthy diet, we accept no responsibility if this is not achieved as we do not provide comprehensive daily diets.

12. Delivery outside of England will incur different charges that will need to be negotiated on an individual basis.

13. We reserve the right to vary the terms of delivery for food depending on distance and location.

14. We reserve the right to refuse a food order due to complexities around delivery in terms of distance and location

15. Delivery times may vary but will be agreed in advance.  Where issues arise the customer will be notified immediately and we will do our best to ensure that minimal inconvenience is caused.

16. We will do our best to meet the delivery needs of our customers but this may not always be possible

17. Please note that refunds can not be issued based on the customer not being in to receive a delivery that has been agreed

18. Arrangements for delivery must be confirmed in writing

19. Refunds can not be given for food within 24 hours of delivery i.e. we require at least 24 hours or more notice of a cancellation

20. We are not able to refund food based on personal taste and preference.

21.  Please note that it is your responsibility to advise us of allergies.  We handle many foods in our kitchen including nuts and eggs etc.

22. Please note that alternative therapies should not be used in place of medical advice.

23. We would never recommend that any medication is stopped without first seeking medical advice.

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