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Pancreatic Cancer

Our family was devastated when my 71 year old Mum was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer in June 2018. The doctors recommended chemotherapy. The effect of the very first session was unbelievably bad – terrible sickness, high temperatures hardly able to eat and drink. It was an extremely rapid deterioration from feeling relatively well to being literally at deaths door. She lost about 2 stone in 2 months. It was at this point that I reached out to Kate.

Kate started healing my Mum and it made a big difference almost immediately. Her temperatures started to come down, she was able to eat her meals, her sense of well being improved immensely. She was able to come out for a family meal for her birthday and then take short walks. The doctors then recommended that she continue with chemotherapy. It is still a tough regime but the cancer had not grown and the doctors are hopeful that the tumour could be shrunk. My mums hair even began to grow back before she finished the chemotherapy. We are all now hopeful for the future that Mum might be able to come through this terrible disease, which feels miraculous to me considering where we were before the sessions began.

I cannot recommend Kate highly enough. She is totally dedicated to her work and her clients. She is a very talented and knowledgeable healer




After 3 years of not conceiving and being diagnosed with a very rare condition within the layers of the womb I decided to try spiritual healing as a last resort. I had tried IVF and not even got to embryo transfer stage due several factors. At this stage I wanted to make an investment in myself as I felt physically and emotionally very low. I was very cynical about the concept and couldn’t understand how it would help but keeping an open mind went ahead with weekly sessions. Kate gave me a lot of advice about diet, nutrition and how to cleanse my body. 

I noticed changes immediately to my state of alertness, in particular my memory which improved within hours of the first session. 4 months after commencing healing and 2 weeks before planned major surgery to correct the problem I had, I discovered I was pregnant! 3 years of no conception, spending thousands on IVF and being told by a leading medical professor I would never conceive naturally and I was! 

Without Kate I’m not sure where I’d be now and for all the non believers I would say I’m living proof that healing works! 



No synovial fluid in the knee

Before my first appointment (September 2018) I was at the time unable to straighten my right leg as I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, and a recent MRI scan suggested that a knee replacement was imminent as I was bone on bone, I had no cartilage or meniscus fluid around the knee and also had a Bakers Cyst behind the knee. I was waiting to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon in the January.

I signed up to 3 visits per week for a month, to say I was sceptical is an understatement. After 1 month my leg was straighter and the pain had reduced, I was amazed, I also started to feel better emotionally. By the time I got to Christmas I had no pain from the Bakers Cyst at the back of my knee, and I was walking much better.

I met with the Orthopaedic surgeon in early January, he reviewed my scan and asked me how much pain I was in and I told him it was slight and manageable. After examining my knee he said they wouldn’t do a replacement unless I was in severe pain, which I obviously wasn’t. He agreed to see me again in 3 months to review the situation. I met my surgeon again in April and he discharged me.

Mrs B Fairbrother

Burbage, Warwickshire

High Functioning Non-verbal Autism

My son, 7, has non verbal autistic, high functioning. Kate has been healing Oliver. I was alongside with my husband, very interested in seeing the process pan out. So far we are in month 3 the school reports from my sons teachers speak volumes. My non verbal son has had an amazing week of speech and behaviour. His teachers can see it along with us. I want to shout from the roof tops of how great this healing is. I do hope if you are considering a healing journey that you consider it to be with Kate, you will see amazing results, I can vouch for that.




Before I met Kate, I had been suffering with Vertigo for well over 2 years. I suffered from dizziness, pressure on my head, foggy feeling, the sensation that I was floating as I was walking and just generally feeling a little drunk all the time. I had been to the doctors, private appointments and even a brain and neck CT scan, but the Consultants could not find what was causing the symptoms.

As soon as I started to see Kate, I noticed a difference straight away. The constant spinning and pressure started to fade. My friends could even see the change in me just after a couple of weeks. Kate has taken the time to listen to how I am feeling and has changed the healing accordingly along the way which has helped massively as it turned out that there was more than one thing effecting my vertigo. Before I met Kate, I didn’t think I would get rid of the Vertigo but I am now on the road to maintenance which is amazing and I can’t thank Kate enough!



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